The blind man

When I was riding my bicycle home from work today, I passed a blind man, walking along the footpath, feeling his way with a white cane. Not so unusual, you might say. However, under his left arm he was carrying a watercolour landscape, which might, or might not, have been finished. This raised a number of questions in my mind.
Did he paint it? How could he have painted a landscape, if he can’t see to walk? Did he paint it somehow from memory? Beethoven composed when he was deaf, after all.
Did he buy it? If so, how did he choose it? Does he know if it’s a good painting  or not?
Was it given to him? Who would give a painting to a blind man?
Perhaps he’s really short-sighted, and can see the painting when he stands very close to it, or has visual field loss, or tunnel -vision, so he can see only parts of it at any one time.
I’d love to know, but I thought I’d embarrass him by stopping to ask, and I’m afraid, for the same reason, I didn’t go back to take a photograph.


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