Life support system

I was walking past our local hospital yesterday and nearly tripped over a young (25-30) woman sitting on the footpath with her back against the hospital fence. Beside her was an IV drip-stand, upon which hung a plastic bag of blood, plugged into a cannula in her arm. She was wearing her street clothes (as opposed to one of those bare-back hospital smocks). (Thank goodness!)

She seemed fairly oblivious to the stares of passers-by, or to the incongruity of her behaviour. The hand with the cannula was holding a smouldering cigarette, which she puffed on with a certain urgency. With her other hand she was playing a game on her iphone, the one with lots of different kinds of candy, and lots of bells and whistles. I can’t remember the name of the game, but I read that it’s just been floated on the stock exchange.

I really wanted to ask her If I might take her photo, to illustrate this post, but thought better of doing so. She might have abused me, or been offended. I suspect that she wasn’t having a great day, what with the blood transfusion and all, and I didn’t want to make it any worse. I can’t think of any reason for having a blood transfusion that doesn’t have nasty connotations.

Obviously she desperately needed a cigarette, and I happen to know that smoking is not allowed anywhere in the hospital, hence her having decamped outside to the footpath. Perhaps she didn’t want to be lectured about smoking by the doctors and nurses. Maybe she didn’t want to have to hang out with sick people inside. She didn’t look a bit sick herself, actually.

If, by some serendipitous circumstance this post comes to the young lady’s attention, I’d like to wish her a speedy recovery from whatever is wrong with her.

Also, if anyone out there knows how any electronic game can be popular enough or by some means generate so much money that people want to buy shares in it, I’d love to know the answer!


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