Dress code

https-::thechive.files.wordpress.comWalking home after dinner last night, I passed a young couple, strolling along the footpath, hand in hand. They smiled and said hello. There was a party in progress down the road, which they’d probably just left, but they weren’t drunk or acting silly.

The really interesting thing was that, while the guy was fully dressed, the young lady was wearing just her panties and a singlet top.

So… had the girl gone to the party in her underwear, or did she decide after she got there that it was a good idea to strip down to her undies?

If the latter, why didn’t she take her clothes with her when she left the party? I suppose she might have misplaced them or they may have been hidden or stolen.

Or maybe she got completely naked at the party, and then just dressed in the bare minimum to go home.

It could have been a truth-or-dare challenge, I suppose.

Or did she lose at strip poker?

Anyway, I think I’ll get to know the neighbours and see if I can wangle an invitation to their next party.


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