Butt Naked Salon


We went last night to an event called “Butt Naked Salon”, described in the programme as “An outrageous evocation of a Belle Époque art salon” at the Yellow House restaurant and art space in Potts Point.

It was certainly great fun, and the music, performed by the Australian Art Quartet, magnificent. We were privileged, in fact, to witness the premiere performance of Andrew Batt-Rawden’s composition “27”.

We were also privileged to witness, and were invited to draw, the composer himself, posing naked while the quartet played.

My own timid scribbling was eclipsed, I must confess, by four marvellous portraits, painted over an hour and a half, on the wall of the studio by the redoubtable Wendy Sharpe.

On the other side of the performance area was an art installation, a ghostly white female mannequin, dressed in a white dress and wearing a white papier-mache theatre mask, with something very much like blood, but actually beetroot juice, dripping from flasks suspended above her.

A little time after we sat down, however, the mannequin moved her arm, incarnate suddenly as the performance artist, Clementine Robertson.

A light supper and champagne during the interval complemented the experience very satisfactorily. Great fun! It was, quite literally, a privilege and a pleasure to be present.


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